May 17, 2017

Dr. Brady Frank Talks About His Implant Training for Dentists

Video Runtime - 16 minutes, 29 seconds

Dr. Brady Frank talked to us about the important oral-systemic considerations in general dentistry with regard to implants.

He discusses 6 implant procedures:

1) The No Drill Implant Procedure using the FDA approved OsteoConverter™ developed by Dr. Frank 

2) The OsteoHybrid Procedure – a hybrid between mini implants and conventional implants so you have the ease of placing a mini, with the long term success of a conventional implant – it is a tapered implant that measures 1.8mm at the apex and 3.5 mm at the occlusal

3) The One-Drill Implant Procedure in which one drill takes the place of 3 to 5 drills

4) The 3 in 1 Implant Procedure in which you do the access, place the implant, place a customizable abutment, prep it for the crown, and take the impression all in the first appointment

5) The OsteoLift Procedure in which if you have 6mm or more bone below the sinus you can use the OsteoLift implant by OsteoReady, or a Bicon implant

6) The 3-Appointment Full Mouth Reconstruction.

Dr. Frank offers several courses around the country to teach his implant procedures to general dentists.


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