May 18, 2017

Dr. Bill Williams’ New Book “Marketing the Million Dollar Practice”

Video Runtime - 9 minutes, 4 seconds

Dr. Bill Williams talks about his new book “Marketing the Million Dollar Practice.” It clearly explains how he grew his practice in 10 years from zero to $5.8 Million. The book discusses 209 marketing tactics, including the 21 tactics he calls Guerilla Marketing. Bill discusses that 50% of your new patients should come from Word of Mouth, the #2 tactic is exterior signage, your web presence is critical in helping the potential new patient confirm that you are the dentist for them – 20% of new patients can come from a direct web search. Bill also discusses direct mail, “walkabout” the community, radio, staff referral, and other ways to grow your practice.

In addition to Bill’s book, he also introduces his 14-webinar online course for dentists to help them grow their practice. Each webinar is 60 to 90 minutes, and you can do one session per week for 14 week.


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