May 4, 2017

Dr. Kim Kutsch Discusses CariFree Which PREVENTS Tooth Decay – IT WORKS!!!

Video Runtime - 7 minutes, 35 seconds

CariFree works!!! It works extremely well at preventing tooth decay – even when nothing else seems to work!


Dental caries (tooth decay) is an epidemic, and it is increasing in all age groups. It is a biofilm disease with multiple bacterial pathogens and it results from long periods of low pH in the mouth which dissolve the calcium and phosphate out of the teeth – so it is really a disease of pH. The decay-causing pathogenic bacteria can only thrive in an acidic environment; and much of what we eat, drink, and do promotes the acidic pH in our mouths. The CariFree system changes the acidic pH in our mouth to a more neutral pH, and helps us keep it there through long term continued use. It consists of mouth rinses, toothpaste, gel, oral spray, gum, etc.


It is life-changing that we can now use the CariFree system to help significantly prevent tooth decay. Yet dentists and hygienists have a difficult time motivating patients to use the CariFree system, and to keep using it long term. Dr. Kutsch discusses new trends in patient compliance and behavior modification techniques to help the dental team motivate their patients to use the CariFree system to greatly improve their oral health.


Download the article called “Acidity (pH) and Sugar Content of Beverages” as a handout HERE


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