May 17, 2017

Dr. Lon Jones Talks About the Huge Importance of Using Xlear Nasal Spray Containing Xylitol

Video Runtime - 14 minutes, 17 seconds

Dr. Lon Jones talked to us about his approach to osteopathy, and the nasal spray he offers to help with nasal infections which uses Xylitol. By keeping the nasal passages clear, it helps prevent mouth breathing, a problem that leads to poor tongue position, deviate swallowing pattern, high vaulted palate and airway problems, crooked teeth, speech problems and other concerns. Xylitol sprayed into the back of the nose also helps with inner ear infections, which is critical in babies age 6 months gestation to 2 years old, the time that they learn sounds to allow them to learn and speak better. It helps prevent needing tubes in their ears. Everyone all ages should use xylitol nasal spray. The technique Dr. Jones recommends for adults, and for babies at every diaper change, is at approximately 11 minutes into the video.




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