May 17, 2017

Feroshia Knight Helps You Communicate, and Motivate Patients

Video Runtime - 10 minutes, 20 seconds

Feroshia Knight spoke with Dr. Mike Milligan about services she has designed to help the healthcare team better communicate the oral-systemic health message with their patients. Her “Whole Person Coaching” is a 5-Step process you can do very quickly – in about 7 minutes – that clarifies the patient’s goals for their health, helps them envision success, sets the permission to educate them, and engages them in their treatment, their home-care, and ultimately in the achievement of their own improved health.

The five steps are: 1) Envision Success, 2) Educate, 3) Involve the Patient, 4) Engage the Patient at a Deeper Level, and 5) Complete. She also discusses non-verbal clues of hope for success, listening and the quality of open-ended questions, and asking the right questions to gain rapport and trust and move the patient forward toward their goal of better health.


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