May 17, 2017

Go Through 3 Oral DNA Test Reports to See How They Can Be Used in Your Office

Video Runtime - 31 minutes, 46 seconds

Dr. Tom Nabors, Founder of the OralDNA Test, walks us through 3 diagnostic reports from OralDNA, each presenting a different clinical problem which shows up in the report. Take a walk through these reports with Dr. Nabors to see how these can be utilized for your patients in your dental practice.



Download these 3 reports to follow along:

OralDNA Report 1 – 8 pathogens above the threshold, but very little clinical appearance of a problem

OralDNA Report 2 – 7 pathogens above the threshold, and with severe periodontal disease

OralDNA Report 3 – 2 Perio pathogens above the threshold