May 4, 2017

Is There Really NO Good Evidence for Flossing Your Teeth?

A few weeks ago the Internet and news media all over the US began reporting that there was “weak amount of evidence” supporting the idea that flossing teeth helped to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Almost all of these news reports, by organizations and journalists who you would think would understand the logic and idiosyncrasies behind reporting on scientific studies, failed to clarify the common sense issues, and seemed to go for clicks and controversies instead.

Finally, Dr. Scott Froum of Perio-Implant Advisory wrote one of the best explainers we’ve seen on this completely non-controversial controversy.



Dr. Froum writes:

“To prove the point on how statistics can belie important data, a study was conducted on the use of parachutes to prevent bodily damage when descending from places of high altitude (i.e., jumping out of a plane). The study showed that because no randomized long-term clinical trials have been conducted on this subject, there was “a weak amount of evidence” to prove that parachutes prevented death and bodily trauma from gravitational challenges. (4) This ridiculous conclusion was based on the fact that no good studies have been conducted on this particular subject. This same ridiculous conclusion can apply to the case for floss.”

Great point, huh?


Read the rest of the article here: Lies, damned lies, and statistics: The truth behind the importance of flossing