May 3, 2017

Jo-Anne Jones, RDH Interviewed About The Changing Face of Oral Cancer

Video Runtime - 10 minutes, 4 seconds

Jo-Anne Jones, RDH discusses the latest research on the changing causes and increasing prevalence of oral cancer, and the need to be more diligent than ever to thoroughly check your patients to catch it early.











Oral Cancer Awareness

Patient Education Resource Listing


*All sites accessed September 2014

  1. Oral Cancer Foundation brochure available for online purchase:

  2. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention fact sheet entitled “Human Papillomavirus and Oropharyngeal Cancer” print version available for download from CDC site:

  3. Oral Cancer Cause brochure available for online purchase:

  4. Six Step Screening postcards and posters available for online purchase:

  5. Health Canada publication SMILE: Healthy Teeth, Healthy Body. To obtain printed copies of the document (limit of 50 copies per order), contact [email protected]

  6. “Your Quick Guide to Facts on Sexuality and HPV” and “It’s Time to Talk about “It”. Test What You Know. Your Sexual Health Education Workbook.” Both are available for online purchase at
    Vaccination poster available online:


Additional Resources for Your Dental Practice:


*All Links to Resources Supplied by Jo-Anne Jones

  1. CDHA clinical practice and patient education forms including oral cancer fact sheet, brochure and lesion documentation form are all being updated. The fact sheet is available online: All other resources will be made available in March 2015.

  2. LED Imaging (VELscope) clinical resources and client education materials available for download:

  3. Philips Oral Healthcare CARE tool (Customized Assessment and Risk Evaluator) web-based client interview and integration of risk management program into dental hygiene clinical practice: or download podcast from iTunes.