May 4, 2017

MouthWatchers Toothbrush – Nano-Silver Bristles Stay 99.7% Germ Free

Video Runtime - 7 minutes, 4 seconds

Dr. Ron Plotka, practicing dentist and developer of the revolutionary new MouthWatchers manual and power toothbrushes explains the benefits of their nano-silver bristles for unsurpassed anti-bacterial action. Within 6 hours of use, 99.7% of all microbes are destroyed, giving you a clean brush every time you use it!

And the outer bristles are 10 times thinner than any other toothbrush bristles for better cleaning in the grooves of teeth and between teeth.







A portion of profits from the sale of MouthWatchers® toothbrushes goes to the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism.

Thank you, Dr. Plotka, for truly caring about your patients, our health, and for giving back to people in need.

Running Time: 2 minutes, 15 seconds

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Mouthwatchers Nano-Silver Toothbrush Sterilzes Your Toothbrush Overnight

“Dr. Mike Milligan: I’m Dr. Mike Milligan. We’ve got a phenomenal innovative product that you need to hear about. We’re at the California Dental Association Meeting, so there is a lot of background noise, but I’ve got Dr. Ron Plotka of MouthWatchers Toothbrush Company here with us. Ron thanks so much for being here with us. So we’ve got this toothbrush that actually sterilizes itself because of the nano-silver in the bristles plus the bristles just clean better. Ron can you tell us about this, the company is about a year old or so?


Mouthwatchers is the Number 1 Toothbrush in Whole Foods

Dr. Ron Plotka: We’ve been working on it for about three years, and we launched it in September. We’re the number one brush in whole foods right now. Dr. Mike Milligan: You’re a dentist and you’ve been practicing for a number of years now and currently practicing with a very large practice, but you took the time and you developed this product, very innovative, tell us about that.


Nano-Silver Bristles Deprive Bacteria of Oxygen, Sterilizing Toothbrush

Dr. Ron Plotka: It always bothered me that I told patients to go brush their tooth, they hung up the brush, and it’s loaded with microorganisms. They hang their children’s brush up at night and they get a lot of cross transmission of bacteria, especially if they are sick. Then you pick it up in the morning and re-inoculate themselves with the bacteria. So this is the answer. It’s a nano-silver toothbrush. Nano silver is one billionth of a meter. They have it in catheters, wound healing, air conditioning ducts, and clothing. Dr. Mike Milligan: So the bristles are impregnated with this nano-silver. Dr. Ron Plotka: Impregnated polyester bristles, not nylon like every other brush. This makes them stronger and firmer, they don’t crimp and they will last you longer. The nano-silver is in the brush and deprives the cell wall of oxygen and the cell will die. So now in six hours you get a sterile brush. ”


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