May 4, 2017

Patrick McKeown Lectures on The Buteyko Breathing Method

Video Runtime - 13 minutes, 40 seconds

Author of The Oxygen Advantage and many other books on the Buteyko Breathing Method, Patrick McKeown sat down with Dr Mike Milligan to discuss this revolutionary approach to breathing.

The Buteyko Breathing Method is a discipline of breathing which a study published in the leading rhinitis journal Otolaryngology showed a 70% reduction of nasal symptoms in participants, including snoring, loss of smell, nasal congestion and difficulty breathing through the nose.

In this interview, Patrick McKeown and Dr. Mike Milligan discuss this discipline of breathing, and some of the advantages to learning how to use it.

In the next 4 lectures, Patrick McKeown illuminates 4 different areas where Buteyko Breathing techniques produce dramatic improvements to health and well being.



In Lecture 1, Mr. McKeown shows how teaching the Buteyko Breathing technique to children at a young age can positively affect proper airway development, facial structure, and other important aspects of your child’s health.

Run Time: 13 minutes, 33 seconds



In Lecture 2, Mr McKeown discusses how he used the Buteyko Breathing Method to help control his own asthma, and some of the successes he has had in teaching this technique to other asthma sufferers.

Run Time: 9 minutes and 42 seconds


Snoring and Sleep Apnea can contribute to major health problems for many people, such as heart attacks and strokes, and in Lecture 3 Mr McKeown shows how the Buteyko Breathing Method can be used to help alleviate some of those health problems, as well.

Run Time: 9 minutes, 59 seconds


Lecture 4 focuses on the use of the Buteyko Breathing Technique to help to identify and alleviate the symptoms which stem from chronic hyperventilation and stress.

Run Time: 8 minutes, 3 seconds


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