May 4, 2017

Resources & Downloads

Scientific studies, ongoing research, and further information on the Oral Systemic Link


Heart Attack and Stroke

Website: The Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center

Article: University of Granada research team links Severity of Periodontitis to Severity of Heart Attack

Scientific Study: Clinical research study where six patients with periodontal disease were treated with the Perio Protect Method and their Lp-PLA2 levels improved as their periodontal conditions improved. Measuring Lp-PLA2 blood levels evaluates a vascular specific inflammatory enzyme that participates in atherosclerotic plaque formation and plaque rupture and has been associated with a significant increased risk for heart attack and stroke if the Lp-PLA2 levels were greater than 200ng/ml.

Article: “Shift Focus From Salt to Sugar in Cardiovascular Disease: Researchers



Article: Oral Bacteria and Colo-rectal Cancer by Dr. Yiping Han

Article: Oral Bacteria and Cancer by Sarah E. Whitmore and Richard J. Lamont

Article: Examining the Association between Oral Health and Oral HPV Infection” by Thanh Cong Bui, Christine M Markham, Michael Wallis Ross, and Patricia Dolan Mullen

Article: Periodontal Disease with Treatment Reduces Subsequent Cancer Risks” by Hwang IM, Sun LM, Lin CL, Lee CF, Kao CH


Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer Foundation brochure available for online purchase:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention fact sheet entitled “Human Papillomavirus and Oropharyngeal Cancer” print version available for download from CDC site:
Oral Cancer Cause brochure available for online purchase:
Six Step Screening postcards and posters available for online purchase:
Health Canada publication SMILE: Healthy Teeth, Healthy Body. To obtain printed copies of the document (limit of 50 copies per order), contact [email protected]
“Your Quick Guide to Facts on Sexuality and HPV” and “It’s Time to Talk about “It”. Test What You Know. Your Sexual Health Education Workbook.” Both are available for online purchase at
Vaccination poster available online:
CDHA clinical practice and patient education forms including oral cancer fact sheet, brochure and lesion documentation form are all being updated. The fact sheet is available online: All other resources will be made available in March 2015.
LED Imaging (VELscope) clinical resources and client education materials available for download:
Philips Oral Healthcare CARE tool (Customized Assessment and Risk Evaluator) web-based client interview and integration of risk management program into dental hygiene clinical practice:
Gary Takacs Thriving Dentist iTunes Podcast interview with Jo-Anne Jones entitled “Oral Cancer: An Emerging Pandemic?”
Available online or download podcast from iTunes.



Article: “Oral Biofilms, Periodontitis, and Pulmonary Infections” – article by S. Paju and FA Scannapieco

Article: Periodontal Disease and Respiratory Disease: a Systematic Review of the Evidence” by Brooke Agado and Denise Bowen

Article: Role of Oral Bacteria in Respiratory Infection” by Dr. Frank A. Scannapieco

Download: “Breathing Through Mouth at Night May Increase Tooth Decay” By Catherine Paddock on Medical News Today 8 February, 2016



Article: “Active Invasion of Porphyromonas gingivalis and Infection-Induced Complement Activation in ApoE-/- Mice Brains”