May 17, 2017

Say Ahh The Movie: The Cavity in Healthcare Reform

Say Ahh The Movie takes a sobering look at the state of our nation’s healthcare. Despite being among the wealthiest countries in the world and home to some of the most advanced medicine and technology, the United States is experiencing a decline in the overall health of its citizens as chronic diseases like heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer become more and more prevalent. As medical professionals, we in the dentistry industry know that proactive oral healthcare can screen for and even help treat many of the diseases and ailments now facing our country on an epidemic level.


This documentary illustrates the connection between dental health and overall physical health by showcasing dentists and dental teams as the unsung heroes of the medical industry. It is the first film produced by Partners in Complete Health, a non-profit organization committed to helping dentists understand the science behind Complete Health Dentistry and the oral systemic link. Say Ahh introduces us to powerful individuals who have been affected by the effects of our outdated reactive approach to oral health, and opens our eyes to the ability and duty of Complete Health Dentists to revolutionize our nation’s overall wellbeing.


Partners in Complete Health is excited to partner with Complete Health Dentistry professionals across the country to take a stand for the health of their patients and spread the message of the impact we can have on the health and lives of millions of Americans. For details about the film and how to host a screening in your community, and to create your own Complete Health Dentistry promotion package, visit