Nov 16, 2017

5 Common Bacteria in the Mouth are CAUSATIVE of Heart Attacks, Strokes, and Cardiovascular Disease - What You Need to Know and Do!

Video Runtime - 6 minutes, 31 seconds

In this short video Dr. Amy Doneen discusses the landmark research published in the British Medical Journal showing that 5 common bacteria in gum disease in the mouth are CAUSATIVE of cardiovascular disease - heart attacks and strokes. She tells you how to determine if you have these bacteria. Even patients who appear clinically healthy with minimal gum pockets or bleeding may have these bad bacteria, so everyone must do a simple saliva test - swish and spit - to determine if they have them. If you have these 5 bacteria, then you need to eradicate them and re-test to confirm they are gone. This is EQUALLY as important as testing, treating, and re-testing for lipids, cholesterol, blood pressure, pre-diabetes, and the other MAJOR CAUSES of cardiovascular disease. Also, 50% or more of heart attacks may be triggered by an abscessed tooth, so you need to have the x-rays to determine if you have any abscessed teeth, and treat them immediately.


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