Apr 26, 2017

A Whole Body Approach to Dentistry

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Roger Price, respiratory physiologist, spoke to OralSystemicLink.net on the advantages of integrative dentistry. He discusses that whole body health and dental health are like an iceberg – we see the symptoms that are the 10% of the iceberg above the water, but the problem is the 90% below the water that we don’t see that are the true cause. In order to treat for long term health we must treat the 90% root cause along with the 10% symptoms that we do see. This includes things like proper breathing, posture, sleeping patterns, nutrition, and emotional health, among others. He describes in detail the significant effects on our entire health of proper vs. improper breathing and airway.





In this interview, Roger Price discusses some of the ideas that he has developed over many years, including the concept of integrative dentistry with a whole body approach.

Run Time: 6 minutes, 54 seconds


Roger Price gave a 1.5 hour presentation to a group of dentists in Chicago who were taking a course on Sleep Apnea. His insights on allergies and the body’s response to various stimuli are very helpful to understanding the oral systemic link.


Roger Price Presentation – Part 1

Run Time: 43 minutes, 18 seconds


Roger Price Presentation – Part 2

Run Time: 44 minutes, 05 seconds


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