Apr 25, 2017

CariFree PREVENTS Tooth Decay – IT WORKS!!!

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CariFree works!!! It works extremely well at preventing tooth decay – even when nothing else seems to work!

Dental caries (tooth decay) is an epidemic, and it is increasing in all age groups.

Researchers have proven in the last few years that tooth decay is caused by bacteria which grow in a biofilm in your mouth. This biofilm can only grow in an environment of high acidity which also dissolves the calcium and phosphate out of your teeth. Much of what we eat and drink promotes a highly acidic environment in our mouths. The CariFree system changes the acidic pH in your mouth to a more neutral pH, and helps keep it there through long term continued use. The Carifree System consists of mouth rinses, toothpaste, gel, oral spray, gum, etc. It is life-changing that we can now use the CariFree system to help significantly prevent tooth decay.


Dr. Kim Kutsch talks about using the Carifree System to achieve maximum results.


Download the article called “Acidity (pH) and Sugar Content of Beverages” as a handout  HERE 


Carifree offers a testing kit, along with a three month treatment that seeks to achieve a comprehensive arrest of decay on all available surfaces of the tooth. Their 2-part system tests for the presence of high acid-producing bacteria which causes decay, and provides a 3 month treatment to achieve a healthy oral flora, raise pH, and maintain an oral environment that prevents decay.

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Carifree Helps Your Dental Patients Become Caries Free

Dr. Mike Milligan: Okay Chris Moriarty of Carifree here. Chris thanks so much for being with us. Tell us a little bit about what Carifree is and what it can do for patients and a little of the history and the system you have here.


Carifree Stops Tooth Decay By Changing the Oral Environment Which Contributes to Caries

Chris Moriarty: basically our goal is pretty simple. What Carifree wanted to do was basically promote and achieve a comprehensive arrest of decay on all available surfaces of the tooth. It sounds like a pretty simplistic goal in terms of a dental company. The way that we went out about it was different. Carifree basically developed a two-part system. The first part is running a very simple test for the patients to find out whether they have a predominance of high acid producing bacteria. It’s no secret in the professional world that bacteria are driving this problem but for patients often this is brand-new territory. Introducing that can be very valuable to understand why they’ve had some of the problems that they have. One of the patients that we work with put it very simply where she said that dentistry just doesn’t have these opportunities where we can demonstrate something very objected to the patient and show them a short term outcome. To perform the test its very simple and can be done in any state. Its a swab on 22 through 27 on the anterior lingual. It goes back inside our tube, we bend a top capsual, releasing a couple of reagents, goes in the top of the machine, snap the cap, hit the button, it countdowns from 15 seconds and you get your answer. Basically what we want in any patient at any point in time is 1% or less high acid producing bacteria making up that biofilm. What we know about that 1% is once we achieve that level that’s a healthy oral flora that’s we can expect that arrest of decay.”

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