Apr 25, 2017

Expert in Chronic Bacterial Disease Discusses Oral Bacteria

Video Runtime - 9 minutes, 46 seconds

Dr. Garth Ehrlich, expert researcher on chronic bacterial pathogenesis from Drexel University talks about how some of the most important research he is doing right now is establishing a link between periodontal bacteria and infections of the joints.

Peri-prosthetic joint infections – are the most common reason an artificial joint needs to be removed, a very traumatic procedure. 100% of joint prosthesis replacements result from bacterial pathogens, and in the vast majority of cases there are bacteria present that had come from the mouth.  Osteoarthritis – the vast majority of people who have osteoarthritis have gum disease in their joints!

Dr. Ehrlich’s research is looking at whether these periodontal pathogens play a causative or exacerbative role in osteoarthritis.