Apr 25, 2017

Face Focused Orthodontics Can Help Patients Sleep Better, and Look Better!

Video Runtime - 16 minutes, 34 seconds

Dr. Bill Hang sat down with Dr. Mike Milligan to talk about his approach to orthodontics, called Face Focused Orthodontics.

He says that he began to realize that various common orthodontic practices can reduce the space where the tongue can fit into the oral cavity, causing problems with the airway of his patients as well as changing the shape of their faces in a non-optimum way. He has developed new techniques to deal with these problems including snoring and sleep apnea, and to maximize the airway, facial esthetics, health of the jaw joints, and the overall health of the patient.

Dr. Hang says the best time to treat is early – even at age 5 or younger, when the dentist can guide the growth potential of the young patient. He also discusses patients who clench and grind their teeth, tongue ties, orofacial myology therapy, and adult patient therapy.



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