Apr 25, 2017

Perio Protect is Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment

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Dr. Duane Keller, the inventor of Perio Protect, shows moderate gum disease is an open bleeding wound the size of the palm of your hand through which people grind bacteria into their blood stream every time they eat. By treating only gum disease, 29 of 32 people after 14 days had the blood test results for inflammation return to NORMAL!

Studies show that Perio Protect kills nearly 100% of the pathogenic bacteria, while leaving the good bacteria intact that you find in healthy gum tissue. Perio Protect is an extremely effective therapy for people with many types of gum disease.

Perio Protect is excellent for the maintenance of healthy gums and bone after periodontal therapy and for patients with dental implants.



Dr. Duane Keller, the founder of Perio Protect, tells you the importance of treating your gum disease to help prevent many systemic illnesses, and how the Perio Protect method very effectively controls the disease-causing bacteria at the source. Perio Protect therapy follows the American Medical Association guidelines and the American Association of Wound Care guidelines.

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Dr. Duane Keller, inventor of PerioProtect, talks about his innovative treatment to effectively treat periodontal disease, so the body’s immune response is freed up to protect the rest of the body.

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PerioProtect is Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment

Dr. Gordon Wilson talks to DentalMastermindGroup.com about your dentist can provide you with a non-surgical option to treat most periodontal disease. PerioProtect can give you options!

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Download the clinical research pilot study  where six patients with periodontal disease were treated with the Perio Protect Method and their Lp-PLA2 levels improved as their periodontal conditions improved. Measuring Lp-PLA2 blood levels evaluates a vascular specific inflammatory enzyme that participates in atherosclerotic plaque formation and plaque rupture and has been associated with a significant increased risk for heart attack and stroke if the Lp-PLA2 levels were greater than 200ng/ml.


Click here for more clinical research studies supporting the use of PerioProtect



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