Apr 25, 2017

Pregnancy Associated Gum Disease Can Lead to Pre-Term Birth & Even Fetus Death

Video Runtime - 9 minutes, 6 seconds

Dr. Yiping Han, Professor at Case Western Reserve University, visits with Dr. Mike Milligan at the Cleveland Clinic. She discusses how her research showed that mild pregnancy-associated gum disease led to pre-term birth, and led to sudden fetus death at 39 weeks term.

She urges women to get their gums healthy before and during pregnancy to avoid tragic complications for their baby.









Case Western Reserve University created a video featuring Dr. Han’s research for patients, and especially for pregnant mothers.

Run Time: 1 minute, 47 seconds


Also, Dr. Han has made available a research paper which she co-authored called “Transmission of an Uncultivated Bergeyella Strain from the Oral Cavity to Amniotic Fluid in a Case of Preterm Birth” which was published in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology in 2006. You can download it  here .


Also, a link to an editorial by Dr. Han from a 2011 article in Women’s Health called “Can Oral Bacteria Cause Pregnancy Complications?” can be found here.