Apr 25, 2017

Study Shows Bacteria Causing Gum Disease Also Causes Heart Disease

A scientific study in Sweden demonstrated a direct link between gum disease bacteria and heart disease. Their research is the first to show a direct causal link between these bacteria and heart disease, and builds on the growing body of evidence linking gum disease bacteria to cardiac health conditions.

The bacteria at the center of the discovery is P. gingivalis which is one of the primary bacteria in the progression of gum disease. It is detected in up to 85% of cases. This bacteria is also frequently found in the coronary arteries of heart attack patients.

This study demonstrated the first time that a direct causal link has been found between this bacteria and heart disease. The authors now plan on looking for biomarkers which will allow clinicians to diagnose both the presence of gum disease bacteria and the vascular inflammation caused by it, so that both may be treated more efficiently.


Portion of this article appeared in the European Association for Osseointegration on March 16, 2016