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The Vital Importance of the Mouth-Body Connection
Video Runtime - 3 minutes, 8 seconds
Apr 20, 2017

Dr. Brad Bale M.D. and Amy Doneen, MSN, ARNP, founders of the Bale/Doneen Method for preventing Heart Attacks, Strokes, and Type II Diabetes, teach physicians, dentists, and other healthcare providers all over the world. They even guarantee that if you follow their method, you will not get a Heart Attack …

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5 Common Bacteria in the Mouth are CAUSATIVE of Heart Attacks, Strokes, and Cardiovascular Disease - What You Need to Know and Do!
Video Runtime - 6 minutes, 31 seconds
Nov 16, 2017

In this short video Dr. Amy Doneen discusses the landmark research published in the British Medical Journal showing that 5 common bacteria in gum disease in the mouth are CAUSATIVE of cardiovascular disease - heart attacks and strokes. She tells you how to determine if you have these bacteria. Even …

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Dr. Craig Backs and Dr. Mike Milligan Discuss Physician-Dentist Collaboration in Central Illinois
Video Runtime - 10 minutes, 15 seconds
May 17, 2018

Dr. Craig Backs, a physician in Illinois and Dr. Mike Milligan, a dentist in Illinois discuss the importance of physician-dentist collaboration and working together for the better health of their patients.   For More Information About Dr. Backs Website: Phone: (217) 321-1987    For More Information About Dr. Milligan Website: …

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The Association Between Insulin Resistance & Periodontal Disease
Video Runtime - 29 minutes, 22 seconds
Apr 25, 2017

Dr. Shannon Bales talks about the need to manage periodontal disease for those with insulin resistance and diabetes and how these conditions can have an adverse effect on each other.

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